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Private wealth management DV


You deserve a personalized service and expert advice to help you protect your assets and then transfer them to your loved ones. Thanks to our service of private wealth management DVSF, you have access to wise advices in terms of wealth management, tax and estate planning.

Tax and estate planning is a key element in the protection of your assets, your family and your heritage. A good planning helps ensure that your assets are well managed during your life and adequately distributed, in a tax-efficient way when you die. Thereby, you can leave a greater part of your heritage to your heirs.

What we offer:

  • We preserve your heritage
  • We look for efficiency in terms of tax and inheritance fees
  • We help you have access to liquidities in order to pay inheritances fees and taxes
  • We provide an analysis of your monetary flux when you retire
  • We help you obtain an additional income for your retirement or provide for the needs of dependents
  • We insure equity in the distribution of your inheritance
  • We help prepare family meetings and maintain harmonious relationships

Presentations and private lectures

In order to better inform our clients and to help share knowledge, we organize several presentations annually on many different subjects, for different kinds of customers. These conferences are usually presented in private places and a limited number of people are allowed.

We also organize short private lectures presented by our advisors during corporate events in your company. Because we believe that, as a business owner, it is an asset to make your employees aware of the importance of planning their financial future.

Déjeuner conférence: Pharmaciens propriétaires

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  David Veilleux Services Financiers et Dallaire Forest Kirouac organisent un déjeuner conférence sur les nouvelles mesures fiscales proposées par le Gouvernement qui touchent spécifiquement les pharmaciens propriétaires. Des fiscalistes seront présents pour discuter des impacts possibles et répondre à…



at your service

David Veilleux Services Financiers offers to its exclusive clientele a wide range of different services through its concierge service, Maître DV. Because our clients are busy business people with little time to waste, Maître DV allows you to :
– Have access to show tickets;
– Create a business network;
– Rent a space for an event or a meeting;
– Get good advise when organizing an event;
– Use our contacts to make your life easier;


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